1.02 Plugins in bundle

This theme has several bundled plugins that allows to perform special tasks, as custom fields, theme options, special layout, shortcodes and so on. Some are free plugins from the repository, some are original theme plugins, and some are premium plugins from third party developers.

Premium bundled plugins are provided with “bundle” license. This means that they are totally functional without purchasing any additional license, and you do not need to purchase a standard license or “activate” them.

We provide the updates for these plugins with the theme updates, after testing the new versions with the theme. If you want to receive direct support and automated updates for bundled premium plugins, you are free to purchase a standard license for them, but this is up to you and not required to use the theme.

The product license doesn’t cover the installation of the bundled plugins on other themes or websites.

With our installation setup, the installation of the plugins within our theme is toatally automated.

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