3.04 Plugins installation

Once you activate the theme, you’ll see the a notification asking to install the required plugins.

You will be directed to an activation page. The theme purchase code is required to use the automated plugins installation.

You can get your purchase code from https://themeforest.net/downloads

Where is my purchase code

  • Log into your Envato Market account.
  • Hover the mouse over your username at the top of the screen.
  • Click ‘Downloads’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Click ‘License certificate & purchase code’ (available as PDF or text file).
  • Your purchase code looks like this


If you don’t find your purchase code please follow this guide:

Click on Appearance > Evenz Activation or Evenz Child Activation

If you don’t see a notification, just switch theme (to the parent Evenz theme) and back (to the Evenz Child theme) and it will trigger a, update request, searching for new plugins requirements.

You will then be asked to enter the purchase code:

Once saved, a confirmation message will appear:

If you see any error message, the server may be busy, please try in a couple of minutes. This is a very uncommon possibility but we just want you to be ready for any circumstance 😉 If the problem persists please get in touch directly via helpdesk.


Click “Go to Evenz Child Plugins” to start the installation.

Select all of the plugins, choose Install and click Apply

Once done you will see a confirmation message for every plugin

Possible errors and solutions

Please note that if you wait too much or you see any error, it can be because one of the following cases happens:

  • The server is too busy, so just repeat the process in about 2 minutes
  • Your server does not comply with the requirements
  • Your hosting is too slow and you should switch to a faster hosting package or provider
  • If you have any issue with plugins installation please contat the Helpdesk

Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.

If you see this error, is a simple cache issue. Please go to the admin dashboard to fix (/wp-admin).

If the problem persists, please contact us via helpdesk and include your purchase code and website URL.

If you don’t want to install any of the offered plugin, you can skip it and turn off the notification, but we don’t recommend it because it may lead to missing functionalities.

Please note that premium plugins as WP Bakery Page Builder are provided in bundle: you don’t need to enter a separated purchase code, as they are licensed with the theme, and we will provide the updates after testing them with the theme.


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