4.04 Menu Bar

The menu bar is responsive.

In tablets and mobile, the horizontal menu items will move to the Off-Canvas sidebar.

You can use the Menu editor in Appearance > Menu to set a menu in the main bar.
In Menu > Locations set the menu as Primary. This menu supports 3 levels of depth. 

Mega menus setup is explained under the chapter Mega Menu of this manual. Sub-items of a link with mega menu will be visible only in tablet and mobile.

IMPORTANT: please limit the amount of primary level items for a better result.

We suggest uploading 2 different logos for desktop and mobile. In mobile, a squared logo is recommended, as the space is very limited. PNG with transparent backgrounds will work better than JPG or GIF.


This theme has an option of sticky header for desktop. As the sticky header can be transparent, you can upload 2 logos to make it visible on different backgorunds.

  1. Case 1: Sticky header disabled: the “logo opaque” will be used always
  2. Case 2: sticky header enabled: if the page is scrolled, the “logo opaque” will be used. If the page is NOT scrolled, the “logo header transparent” will be visible.
    We recommend creating 2 alternative versions of your logo of the exact same size to use them on the 2 different background colors.

Right-side buttons

There are 4 available right-side buttons:

Cart button

This option will only appear if you have WooCommerce plugin installed

Search Button

Will work both in desktop and mobile, displaying a header search field.

This button appears automatically:

  • In desktop, if there are widgets in the Off Canvas sidebar, or a specified Off Canvas Menu Desktop
  • In mobile, will appear by default (requires a menu set as Primary Menu location)

You can choose which menu to place in the menu bar in Appearance > Menu > Locations and set it as Primary menu.

You can override the global settings and set custom menu bar colors.


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